Doctors in the House - Water retention, Diabetes, Bladder

1) My dad is 75 and had a bypass some years back. He recently had water retention in his legs. Is there something wrong?

  • If your father has previous bypass surgery and now has frequent leg swelling, it is possible that he has congestive heart failure due to poor heart function.
  • Heart failure can be due to a number of causes.  I would suggest that you bring your dad to a heart specialist like for a check.
  • They will organise tests to first confirm how the heart function is and any other contributing causes to the heart failure.  Treatment can then be prescribed accordingly.
  • Your dad may have developed poor heart function from blocked arteries given to his medical history.  
  • If that is the case, then he may possibly need procedures to open up the blockages in order for the heart function to improve.  He would also need a review of his medication to improve his condition.


2) Is it true that diabetes occurs due to too much sugar intake early on in life?

  • High sugar intake is one of the factors which increases the risk of diabetes.
  • The risk of developing Diabetes can be due to many factors.
  • Some people are more genetically predisposed than others.
  • One dietary factor is the over consumption of foods/drinks that are high in refined sugars.
  • One should also note that carbohydrates eventually break down into glucose.  However, the excessive intake of calories from any other food groups, and being physically inactive can also contribute to excessive weight, resulting in the body becoming unable to "handle" the glucose levels in the blood stream, and diabetes ensues.

3) I am a 40ish male and recently I feel the urge to pass urine very often. Each time that I go to the restroom, the result is not much. Why do I feel so? Is something coming up?

  • It sounds you have an overactive bladder - this is a condition of the bladder typified by a sense of urgency and frequent urination.
  • It is due to unstable nerves from the bladder provoked by stimulants esp. cold weather and excess coffee/tea/ carbonated drinks r work stress.
  • Medication to re-stablilise the bladder nerves are available but you will need to see a urologist to exclude other conditions that may also give the same symptoms, esp. bladder infection, bladder stone, prostate infection.

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