Doctors in the House - IVF, Cataract

1) My wife and I have gone through IVF twice and really want a child. We know for sure that we can’t keep spending extreme amounts of money through IVF. Can we do anything to improve our chances naturally? I have heard that some couples manage to conceive through specialized undergarments from Japan and far infra-red mattresses. Do these really help?

  • Do not to give up so soon. In fact I think the best thing to do now will be to meet up with your doctor for further discussion.
  • IVF is very successful so far because of the fact that we started at the level of embryos. What follows will be solely whether implantation can happen.
  • Compared to natural method, 2 very important steps ie fertilisation and early embryo development had been established in IVF.
  • Frequently with slight modification of the method and addition of other medications, good outcome can occur.
  • Again I would like to stress on meeting up with your doctor. He will know your situation best after his assessment before your Ivf programme.
  • As in everyone going through the Ivf programme, spontaneous pregnancy is always possible before and after.
  • Any complementary methods can be used as long as they are not harmful. The precaution for these methods is that frequently we only look at the possible benefit reported but lost sight of the unknown side effects or even detrimental result obvious only much later.

2) At what age does cataract affect most people? What are the symptoms and preventions and cures?

  • Cataracts generally affect the middle aged and elderly. Although some
    patients have congenital cataracts that develop at birth.
  • Symptoms commonly include progressive blurring of vision that is not
    corrected with a new pair of glasses.
  • Interestingly some patients complain of rapid increases in their degrees over a period of a few months. Some patients complain of glare and double vision in that eye with a cataract.
  • Unfortunately there is no preventive measure to take as the
    development of cataracts is an aging process.
  • However there have been studies that show the relationship between the
    development of cataracts and smoking and increased exposure to
  • In the light of these findings the cessation of smoking and
    the use of sun glasses that cut down the amount of near ultraviolet
    rays (300-400nm) may be effective measures to prevent the development
    of cataracts.
  • The only treatment for cataract is surgery: to remove the cataractous
    lens and replace it with an intra-ocular lens.

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