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1) I use to have Molar pregnancy 2 years back and i was treated and removed. Now i'm concern will i be able to be pregnant again or this will effect me in some ways??I'm currently trying to have baby now.Pls help me! :)Thank you KISS92! Xoxo

  • If your molar pregnancy has been treated, and your doctor has been monitoring your blood hormones closely for the last 2 years without any signs of recurrence/complications, then you should be completely cleared of the condition.
  • After 2 years, you are ready to try for another pregnancy. Although the previous molar pregnancy has no impact on your future fertility, you must see your gynaecologist as soon as you test positive for pregnancy.
  • He will need to do regular blood tests to assess the levels of your hormones to ensure that the fetus is growing well, and that it is not another molar pregnancy. The recurrence rate is low, but not nil.


2) I was 84kg and recently reduced my weight to 68kg. For a short period of time, I vomited whatever I ate. Now I am bloated even after a small meal. Is there a cause for concern?

  • You have lost 16 kg or 20% of your body weight. Unless the weight loss was intentional, this is considered medically significant, and is indicative of a potentially severe underlying medical condition.
  • The symptoms of vomiting and bloating after small meals are suggestive of a problem in the stomach. Taken together, I am very concerned of a potentially serious condition in the stomach or nearby region of the digestive system.
  • Possible causes include cancers, ulcers or problems with digestive movements.
  • I would suggest an early consultation with a gastroenterologist to further evaluate your symptoms. The gastroenterologist may recommend an endoscopic examination of the digestive system.
  • This is the most direct and accurate way to find a diagnosis for these symptoms. Special types of radiologic scans may also be done, as normal X-rays cannot see the stomach.

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