Doctors in the House - Pregnancy, Sinus

1) I am 4 months pregnant. Can I exercise while pregnant? What can I do and at what stage should I stop? – Mel

  • Yes, You can safely exercise while you are pregnant, if you are having a normal pregnancy.
  • Be sure to review your exercise plan with your doctor, but these are the safe activities while you are pregnant


ü  This activity is highly recommended by doctors because it is safe, easy to do, and improves your cardiovascular fitness

2. Low-impact aerobics classes

ü  Be sure to look for ones that cater to pregnant women.

3. Swimming:

ü  This is a great form of exercise because it uses your whole body and puts little strain on your joints.

ü  An added bonus: The water supports your weight, giving you a temporary reprieve from feeling uncomfortable, as your belly gets bigger.

4. Prenatal yoga and stretching

ü  Also recommended. Both ease tension and help keep you flexible and strong.

ü  After the first trimester and second trimesters, avoid sit-ups and other exercises done while lying flat on your back — they can make you dizzy and put a strain on your back.

ü  During the last three months of your pregnancy, exercise may become too difficult and too uncomfortable, and you may just need to make more adjustments to your workouts.

With exercise, it is important to examine the foods that you are eating and important to always stay well hydrated.


2) My nose is regularly blocked and I am in my 40s. I thought sinus was for kids?

  • Firstly, people commonly and wrongly refer to allergic rhinitis as “sinus”.

 Allergic rhinitis can occur in children as well as in adults although it usually starts during childhood.

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