Doctors in the House - Urination, Erectile Dysfunction, Eyesight

1) I noticed that after a session with my wife, my urination is usually painful. Is there a cause for concern?

  • If the pain comes and goes, there is not much cause for concern.
  • Prolonged pain might indicate a prostate infection. The prostate sits below the bladder to drains into the urethra.
  • During ejaculation, the muscles around the prostate contract to propel the semen out. Any infection in the prostate will cause it to swell, and the muscle contraction increases the pressure within the prostate to cause the pain.

2) I am not sure if I have erectile dysfunction. Sometimes I have no issues and sometimes, it’s a struggle.

  • The fact that you can still perform at times indicates that your ED is mild and has a pyschological component, e.g. tiredness, work stress, partner expectations.
  • It is unlikely to become permanent. If you still have erectile difficulty, see your local GP or specialists like urologist, endocrinologist and cardiologist.

3) I am 40ish and used to have perfect eyesight. Now I can’t see 30cm or nearer but it’s ok for far objects. I know it’s probably long sightedness but the deterioration is rapid. Is there a need to be concerned at the rate?

  • Presbyopia or "lau hua" is a condition that affects many after the age of 40. 
  • The lens in our eyes is capable of äuto-focusing" and adjusting its shape to allow us to focus on both near and distant objects.
  • However with age there is  gradual stiffening and hardening of the lens in the eye. As a result it is unable to focus on near objects causing the condition of presbyopia.
  • At age 40 you will most likely have early presbyopia meaning that you will have problems with only small near letters.
  • Generally a plus 50 to 75 degrees of reading glasses will suffice. If you are unable to read clearly and the increase is much higher it is advised that you see an ophthalmologist.

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