Rainy Days and Risotto

Rainy days and risotto

For a comforting bowl of creamy risotto, try this mushroom and leek risotto recipe here

If I could charge, say, $10 every time someone asks me where to go for this or that food, I might be able to make some good money on the side.

But sometimes, I have to admit, I am stumped.

This happened last week when a friend, E, sent me a text message asking which restaurant served the best risotto.

Hmm, I thought, and rattled off a couple of places where, sometime in the past, I had had good risotto.

The thing is, I don't often order it in restaurants unless it is white truffle season and the Italian rice dish is a blank canvas for the fungi.

Most of the time, I'd go with pasta or grilled fish or meat.

Plus, the dish is dead easy to make at home and the variations are endless.

"Make it yourself," I texted back.

"Lazy," was the reply.

Well, there is no polite way to respond to messages like that but I thought it was kismet that this whole risotto thing came up.

We are in the midst of wet weather and a bowl of creamy, dreamy Italian rice is very comforting on rainy days or nights.

Cooking the dish isn't as daunting as it sounds either.

Head over to for the full recipe

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