Maddy chats with X-Men star, HUGH JACKMAN!
The casts of X-Men were in town for the premiere of their latest X-Men series - X-Men: Days of Future Past. And Kiss 92's very own Maddy Barber had a rare chance of speaking to one of the lead roles in X-Men, playing Wolverine - Hugh Jackman!

Hugh Jackman chats with Kiss 92's Maddy Barber on getting buff for his role in X-men: Days of Future Past, and why he had to get butt naked on May 21st and no other date!

Kiss 92's Maddy Barber finds out who gave Hugh Jackman sounds advice on diet & training, plus what he thinks of Channing Tatum joining X-men as Gambit.

Hugh Jackman tells Kiss 92's Maddy Barber which X men character he would love to play if he weren't Wolverine, who his fav super hero was growing up and how Michael Fassbender has uncanny mutant ablities!