Bedrock Bar and Grill

Win a Dining Experience at Bedrock Bar and Grill worth $100!

  • Bedrock Bar & Grill, an award-winning restaurant located at Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard at Somerset, boasts a wide selection of meat cuts and seafood from the USA, Japan and Australia, to name a few, ensuring superior quality and sustainability.
  • One of the highlights of Bedrock is the Dry Aged Beef.
  • Aged in-house using their own custom-made salt aging fridge, the meats are aged for 14, 21 or 60 days to bring out natural and full flavours of the meat.
  • This season features the Sake Kasu Aged Beef, where the beef is marinated with lees, leftover from sake that has been fermented for 18 to 32 days.
  • This process helps to boost the umami flavour of the meat and promises a mellow, rich and buttery texture to taste.
  • Try out the Sake Kasu Aged Beef from $42 onwards with dishes such as the Sake Kasu Aged Beef Ragu Lasagna or the Saku Kasu Aged Ribeye for two persons, priced at $180.

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